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dominofx group provides economic opportunities and continuous growth for small businesses and their diverse communities through education, technical assistance and access to customized, competitive financing.

We are committed to empowering businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors by providing the essential capital needed for growth and sustainability in their respective fields. Recognizing the challenges small businesses often face with traditional lenders, we combine the speed and convenience of technology with the knowledge and guidance of critical mission driven education and responsible lending.

Business Credit Jumpstart

Get access to thousands in unsecured business credit lines

Startup/Seed Funding

Options for startups, entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Asset Based Lending

Access asset-based loans using your business's tangible assets

Commercial Real Estate

Tailored funding solutions for all types of commercial real estate needs

Equipment Financing

Business loans to purchase almost all types of equipment

Construction Loans

Secure financing with accounts receivables and outstanding invoices

Invoice Factoring

Secure financing with accounts receivables and outstanding invoices

Bridge Loans

Capital to cover short term cashflow issue or awaiting a capital event

Sub Debt Financing

Access the best funding for a growing business

Cross Border Financing

Business loans to purchase almost all types of equipment



DominoFX Group is a minority-led small business lender marketplace that helps business owners find, compare, and secure the most competitive financing options to help their growing businesses thrive.

Understanding that not all lenders can meet the unique financial needs of small businesses, we take pride in providing exceptional commercial financial solutions to all qualifying businesses, no matter their size. If you've faced denial from your bank, turn to us.

We help you set up your business for credibility, build business credit, and get matched with the funding you need to properly grow your business.

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Small Business. big dreams.

We specialize in providing Specialized and Flexible Capital to Underserved Businesses and Communities That Are Often Neglected by Traditional Capital Providers.

We prioritize supporting diverse and impactful businesses, especially those with minority or women ownership and a strong community presence. Our focus is on entities that demonstrate strong leadership, job creation, and financial health. Our Small Business Capital Fund aims to empower underserved U.S. businesses by providing flexible, below-market financing. This initiative reflects our commitment to bolstering the economy by aiding small businesses in overcoming financial barriers, ensuring they have the support needed to grow and make a significant community impact.

Women and Minority Business Opportunity Group

DominoFX Group recognizes the challenges that women and minority businesses face. We are here to help empower you by providing access to vital funding opportunities.

We can connect driven, ambitious, and brave multi-cultural women and minority entrepreneurs with access to working capital, equipment loans, credit facilities, real estate projects, construction loans and more.


Real results from business owners just like you

Cheryl Reisner, a former bank lender from Shreveport, Louisiana. The suite’s business credit building process unlocked more funding options than she ever imagined, opening up new possibilities for her business. Cheryl believes every business owner can benefit from the Business Finance Suite, as it revolutionizes how they operate.

Louis, a Miami-based business owner found success using the Business Finance Suite, which helped establish a business credit profile. This enabled them to apply for funding without using their Social Security number, eliminating personal liability for credit applications. The speaker highly recommends this program to fellow business owners.

Edward from El Paso, Texas, struggled to secure funding for his small businesses until discovering the Business Finance Suite. Within a month, the suite helped set up his business correctly, establish trade lines and revolving credit, and now he’s on track to receive funding. Edward guarantees it’s worth the investment and only wishes he’d found it sooner.

Brian praises the Business Credit and Funding Suite for its exceptional service and support. Within 3 to 4 months, he was able to secure $50,000 in funding for his business and plans to refer more clients, grateful for the help he received.

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